Our Purpose

NorthStar Community Church exists to help people build relationships with God, their families, and their community.


Our Vision

  • NorthStar Community Church is a place where you will feel comfortable, loved and accepted for who you are, as you change and grow into who God wants you to be.
  • NorthStar Community Church is a place where the hurting can find help and healing, the confused can find comfort, those with questions can get help with answers, those who are lonely can find loving relationships and those who have a broken past can find a promising future.
  • NorthStar Community Church is a place where you can understand Truth from God’s Word, be a part of warm relationships in God’s family, experience God’s heartbeat through loving people, feel God’s hand minister to you in caring service, and pursue God’s presence in authentic worship.
  • NorthStar Community Church is this kind of place…not just because we want to be, but as followers of Jesus Christ we believe we have to be.

Our Values

Relevant Truth – Teaching that will help change relationships and lifestyles today.

Changed Lives – To see spiritual growth occurring as you find out who you are and become what God wants you to be. To learn what God has created you to do and put it into daily practice.

Enjoyable Community – Where homes are open, relationships built and families cared for.  The place we “Do Life” together.

Loving Relationships – Where bridges are built in our life to strategically love people to Christ. To encourage and build each other up during the best and worst of times.

Authentic Worship – To come into the presence of God – hear from Him and leave changed, living different because of the experience.

Reproduction – To see people who have recognized the truth, changed because of its and who wants others to have the same life changing experience, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Excellence To do things with the highest quality with the resources God has given to us.